The Austin A La Mode seedling began twenty-years ago when founder, Natasha Antonioni, gathered her tribe in NYC, often including a meal, to examine questions that evoked and expanded their perspectives. AALM was created to keep the conversations forward-thinking and stretch frameworks through story and questions that push guests to consider new vantage points over farm-to-table fare. 


Each supper hosts an insightful speaker and a question to carry the conversation forward throughout the evening. You’ll meet curious individuals that are open to expansion. Supper locations range from beautiful homes to fine dining locales. Through a delectable meal, we share the possibility of planting new thought seeds, making new friends and exploring distinguished venues. 


Nat in Circle.png

A creative-minded entrepreneur with a history in beauty, design and luxury real estate. After years of owning salons, educating nationally and working as a spokesperson for L’oreal, Natasha followed her love for home esthetics and architecture to become a top producing luxury REALTOR® and investor in Northern California and now, Austin TX. 


When she’s not working on the next project or selling homes, she enjoys brainstorming ideas with her developer husband, spending time with their two beautiful daughters, getting out in nature and voraciously reading books on personal development. Natasha cherishes family, dear friends, cooking and entertaining. Cultivating community, meaningful conversations and creating memorable environments has been a golden thread that’s run through all her ventures. She sees it as her offering and a way to say thank you to this fascinating thing called life.